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Highly rated by both transcriptionists and clients, here’s what makes us unique.

We Love What We Do. And It Shows.

Paragon thrives as an exclusively American medical transcription business. Founded in 1996 by Bob and Melanie Wallace and having served many clinics and hospitals in the industry, Paragon excels in this service industry by developing strong connections with its clients and transcriptionists.

We cater to our clients’ needs, delivering high performance with low maintenance, all served with a warm dose of professionalism by our highly educated and very experienced QA and MT teams who know they are valued and respected for who they are as well as their contributions to serving our clients.

Paragon’s reputation in the industry is nearly unparalleled for a company of its size among both our transcriptionists and our clients.

Because of our love for American values and American interests, we hire exclusively American-trained MTs. Absolutely none of our work goes overseas. An American system of healthcare dictates the need for American MTs for the best overall quality of patient care as it relates to documentation because of the nuances of our language.


We sell a partnership of sorts that makes our clients’ and doctors lives better. We aid in helping them build their businesses and practices to be recognized as professional and top tier regarding documentation.


We sell a relationship–for both clients and MTs–that cannot be beat because we do it with depth of character, discipline, excellence, productivity, ethical behavior, and trustworthiness.
Paragon exists to ease the administrative burden doctors face, freeing them to actively engage in their area of expertise, while providing an excellent avenue of employment for our MTs to engage in their area of expertise–to provide professional-quality reports that reflect depth of care for our doctors’ passion–the health and care of his or her patients.

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