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We are an American company dedicated to improving the lives of doctors and patients every day.

Why Choose Paragon

Paragon has allowed me to scale up my small group practice much more quickly and efficiently than would have been possible if I had continued to keep everything in-house, and my clerical staff often comment on how much they enjoy their interactions with the folks at Paragon. I only wish more companies were as customer-focused as they are, and it is certainly a relationship I would not want to be without.” ~Connell and Associates

Where Are We Located

We are proud to be a fully domestic company. All of our work is done in the USA by American workers. Nothing is outsourced overseas. We believe this commitment allows us to keep all your data safe and meet your needs as effectively as possible while promoting local economies.

Expert American-Trained Medical Transcriptionists

Making Clients’ &
Doctors’ Lives Better

We sell a partnership of sorts, a partnership that makes our clients’ lives better and the doctors’ lives better.

We aid in helping them build their businesses and practices to be recognized as professional and top tier, and with that partnership, we sell relationship that cannot be beat because we do it with depth of character, discipline, excellence, productivity, ethical behavior, and trustworthiness.

Best Overall Quality
of Patient Care

Because of our love for American values and American interests, we hire exclusively American-trained MTs, so none of our work is sent overseas.

An American system of healthcare necessitates American MTs for the best overall quality of patient care as it relates to documentation because of the nuances of our language.

Professionalism, Service,
Convenience & Quality

Paragon delivers professionalism, service, convenience, and quality. The healthcare industry values what makes their practices and hospitals shine in the industry as it relates to patient care.

Because we concentrate on producing the best and most accurate records on their behalf, we benefit them by helping them care for their patients.

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